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LiveableME - Jenny Wiglesworth

Having launched my career within the traditional fashion industry, I know the ins and outs of the process from design to rack. 

There is something pure and beautiful about fashion. It allow us to reinvent ourselves, and be artists simply by the clothes that we wear. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sad things happening in the industry, as well. From people to the environment, the industry continues to overlook basic needs in the name of fashion (a.k.a. "Fast fashion"). I believe we can challenge this status quo, by focusing on slow fashion, local designers and checking the labels on our products. Together, we can re-direct the unethical practices within the fashion industry and make real change that will save people and this world.

This is where LiveableME comes in. 

LiveableME was created to educate you on what the fashion industry is up to. Along with this, LiveableME provides access to great designers who are doing fashion ethically, with concerns about both people and the environment. This also makes it easier for you - a one stop shop for all things sustainable and fair.

For more on sustainable practices and what I mean when I refer to the "why" behind the "what" that we wear, check out the blog. 

Feel free to drop me a "hello" or contact me if you have any questions about the brands, products or anything else. 



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