Frequently Asked Questions

Our Why - the 5 Foundations

Sustainable Practices

This can encompass many things. The way we see it is practicing sustainability means working toward something that sustains. Whether it be a process, an environment, an organization - sustainable practices continue to give back rather than take away.

Fair-Trade Principles

Fair--trade may be on your favorite bag of coffee, but the roots of its meaning go much deeper. 
When we speak to 'fair-trade', we speak of people receiving fair wages for the jobs that they are doing. We speak to people being treated as equals and honoring what they do and how they give back.

Eco-Friendly Textiles

Garments are made of so many things, most of which are unfortunately synthetic and are inevitably harmful to the earth. 
When eco-friendly is part of our conversation, we are talking about textiles/fabrics that are created in earth-loving facilities and processes. We are speaking about fabrics that in and of themselves are made from substances that can re-grow, are breathable and eventually disintegrate back into the earth.


Without going overboard here, we tend to think of this as simply living without "everything". It is often the fashion world that gets a bad-wrap for contributing to waste, due to the consumer drive to constantly replenish one's wardrobe. However, there are ways to be stylish and be minimalist.
We believe in capsule wardrobes (see the blog), accessorizing the trend and shopping consignment. All of these, and more, help limit the waste that the fashion world is creating while still keeping us stylish.

Styling for Me - My style. My art.

We love helping women find the looks that bring them 'joy' and help them 'pop'. For us, styling for your body type is so important. When you find the colors, fits and textures that you love, clothing is no longer something you wear but a part of who you are to become. It is an art - a beautiful art indeed. 
See more in the blog for styling your body type. We also provide our "style your body type " shape under each piece in the SHOP.