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Podcast: Tune in Tuesday...Telling stories on Sustainability + fair trade

Season 1: Episode 20

Meet Bebe Sanchez, producer of Portland Fashion Week. Her spirit and love for all things sustainable speaks loudly.
In this episode, Bebe tells us her story. Born into a Mexican family, she witnessed marginalization first-hand. She elicits us to ask better questions, educate ourselves and recommends us to stop shopping new. She has lived all over the United States, sharing stories of family, culture and what really matters. With her soul naturally drawn to nature, it makes sense that she finds herself smack-dab in the middle of the largest sustainable fashion show in the world. For more on PFW and Bebe, listen now…

(Pictured: Bebe's mom, whom she mentions in the episode. She was an in-house designer, by default and talent, like many of her time.)

Don't forget to check out Portland Fashion Week, of which Bebe is a producer. It's going to be an amazing, sustainable show! Get more info. on the show here:

This truly is a beautiful multi-generational story. Enjoy!

Season 1: Episode 20
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