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Podcast: Tune in Tuesday...Telling stories on Sustainability + fair trade

Season 1: Episode 21

Meet Eve Styles, a designer who embraces all things sustainable, while still remaining funny, real and truly, an inspiring human being.

In this episode, Eve speaks to the character of her designs and the integrity of her processes. She leaves no stone unturned when making sustainable decisions for her brand. She desires to be a zero waste company, and admits that most times it’s not about making money. She’s a rare gem of a person, and shares so much of the why behind her clothes. To find out more, listen now….

Eve spoke about her grandma, and how deeply tied she is to her. To find out more on this check out -

She also spoke about a project that she is involved with where she is creating recycled garments out of waste materials. These items can be found here:

Season 1: Episode 21
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