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Capsule Closet - The Must Have

A capsule wardrobe is basically the foundation to your entire closet. Blues, blacks and khaki can be intermixed, which creates hundreds of looks with these basics. For instance, we would pair the white tee, denim pant and red flat for a fresh, semi-casual look. Another example would be the denim button-down shirt over the shift dress and white sneakers. The ideas are endless.

Once you have the capsule, anything can be added to create a different style, a trendier look or even a minimalist approach to fashion. If color makes sense, it can always be had in a great accessory, as pictured. Jewelry can also a personal touch, trendy look or even add color, depending on individual style.

Another great thing about capsule is, the pieces don't always have to be traditional. If working out is more in the style appeal that working, we would trade the skirt with a basic pair of black leggings. If long legs are welcomed by DNA, ditch the booties and get some high-boots. Cowboy boots are currently trending, but if these are coveted, make them a staple.

At the end of the day, style is all about the personal, but a capsule wardrobe will always give that power to the punch that we need to pull off style, everyday. Good luck sourcing - we carry a lot of it right here at LiveableMe.

Have a stylish, joyful day!


Jenny W.


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