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Updated: Jan 12

LiveableMe now has a podcast. Yeah! When I originally set out to launch the podcast, I wasn't really sure where I was going with it. The one thing I did know was that I wanted to create a platform where people who care about sustainability and fair trade, within the fashion industry, could be heard. I desired beautiful, raw and unique stories to present themselves, organically. I hoped for creative artists that would be willing to share their stories and through them, for the marginalized world to be heard, Thankfully, that is what is beginning to happen.

This week, we launched our very first episode. Our guest, Mrs. Emily Harris, of Mrs.Emily, was simply a delight to speak to. Her humbleness contagious, her perception of life encouraging and her business ethics - simply inspiring. I couldn't be more pleased to have had her as our first guest.

Emily launched her business 12 years ago. She stepped out of, what most of us would call 'traditional fashion', and pivoted into what can only be described as slow and small, in the best of ways. As she stared small business in the face, things began to transpire. Her fashion designer life paired with stay-at-home mom responsibilities was a continual juggling act, but it was working. However, like all small businesses, especially in the sustainable and fair trade circle, there are challenges.

With Emily, even within the short time that I've spent with her, challenges seem to spur on her inner strengths. During Covid19-quarantine, she ended up closing her retail space and lost her one and only employee/seamstress. There was a moment where Mrs.Emily, the business, could have paused inevitably. However, Mrs.Emily and Emily Harris pushed through. Through and because of these unfortunate circumstances, amazing things happened. She discovered a new fabric source, and employed a people group. An entirely new and dreamed about product was launched in her leather bags. Her story is definitive of what I believe to me a present-day phoenix - through ashes, she rises.

When it comes to fashion, not only is Emily courageous and creative, but she also inspires us with goals of designing product that allows for women to simply be who they are. Emily desires her (women) to be able to "sit down, eat popcorn and be comfortable" or drive around with kids and not feel like she "can't breathe" because denim today is typically like a modern day corset.. She flips the script in fashion by designing products, like her infamous skirt, to fit the woman the way it was made to be fit - empowering her to move, be, live and dream. The fashion industry gets it wrong in so many ways, but Emily humbly gets it right.

Like I said, I didn't know exactly what I was getting into when I launched this podcast, but thus far have been pleasantly surprised. For more on sustainable and fair trade fashion, follow our blog and listen to the podcast.

This is just the tip of the needle, of our beautiful discussion. She talks about her t-shirts (this you will want to know more about), her ethical Bangladesh manufacturing team - working with handlooms, and so much more! To hear the entire story, check out our podcast: Season 1: Episode 1, right here on our website.

For more on Mrs. Emily, check out her amazing website:


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