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Green Looks Good on Everyone

This week LiveableME had the blessing to interview our good friend & Herb-n-Oil business owner, Misty Lake. With her, comes a fiery spirit of positivity, deep intellectualism and pure joy! She enlightens us with the ins and outs of the hemp industry, updates us on what's new with her business, Hemp-N-Oil, and delights us with passions involving sustainability and fair trade.

When we think about hemp, it traditionally brings us back to the mid-90s when hemp was a trendy new way to wear jewelry. We'll admit that it wasn't our favorite trend. About the same time, we also learn, if we didn't know already, that hemp came from the same plant that many were smoking (a.ka. Marijuana). However, Misty awakens us to not only a multitude of alternate uses derived from the hemp plant, but also the way in which it is a natural, sustainable resource.

Starting with sustainability, hemp plants can be grown in as little as 100 days or less. That's not a typo - 100 days! Compared to trees, which we've used and abused for centuries, that saves us a few decades. Along with this, these plants provide 4x the amount of oxygen as trees. In these findings alone, hemp provides us with a viable, sustainable resource. We were surprised to find that along with necklaces, they can also be used to make commodities like flooring, cabinetry and so much more. With deforestation being one of many atrocities occurring for the sake of consumerism, hemp could be the answer to so many questions.

Along with answering questions on climate, hemp provides answers in the health industry as well. Of course we all know about medical marijuana, but Misty's Herb-n-oil tinctures and creams creates solutions with another hemp by-product - CBD. CBD, in its most purest form, has been shown to heal. Misty's story began as a humble massage therapist, creating CBD creams, to help patients. Being one smart cookie, she developed these helping creams into healing creams, where she successfully witnessed patients healed from various ailments and diseases. At this point, a business was created - Herb-n-Oil. She furthered this desire to heal into the pet industry, where she firsthand healed a dog from constant seizures. Herb-n-Oil has now developed into a blossoming wholesale business, serving humans and animals alike.

Ending with fair trade, it is apparent in all things discussed both personally and professionally, that Misty deeply cares about people and process. Personally, she shops slow. It is within local buying, in particular thrift, where she pours her passion. Upon sharing the app: Good on you, she was the first to begin using it and sharing it. Like LiveableMe, she understands the importance of placing people over product.

Professionally, she exhibits fair trade practices within every step of her business. From the oils, to the CBD, to the containers, the importance of people being treated well reigns supreme. Although doing things the fair trade way presents further challenges, she persists. We here it in her passion and believe her in the products that she provides. Game-changing the world of fair trade lands her smack-dab in the middle, and we love her for that!

For more on Misty Lake, Herb-n-Oil and the sustainable and fair-trade industry, listen to the blog: Season 1: Episode 2.

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Sustainable + Fair

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