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Hot Trends for Fall & Winter

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Is it 2022 or 1969?

Fall is one of the favorite seasons for fashion - it’s the time of year when our wardrobe gets real versatility. Inspired by nature, colors seem to pop up in every look. Layering becomes a new norm. Warm and cozy seem to define each and every desirable look.

First up for 2022 fall trends is our sweater vest. I am loving this look. Worn, either over a collared blouse, more professionally or simply alone - it hits the spot for a great fall transition piece.

Second on the trend alert is the very feminine balloon-sleeve blouse. This sleeve is everywhere. Be it a blouse, sweater, dress or even a lightweight coat, we are loving this look. It’s just enough to present something special without overdoing it.

Third, we have to take notice of the denim that is raging. I have always loved a good flare. Coming in and out of fashion trends in the past 7-10 years, most have either adored the look or antiquated it to something their mothers wore ‘back in the day’. Thank goodness, they are hot on the trend-wagon once more. Let’s not miss the moment to take advantage of this beautiful look. Flare denim isn’t just cute, it also hits the spot at giving us an instant hourglass figure.

Fourth, let’s talk jewelry. Stacked bangle rings, like the favored bangle bracelets are most definitely double-stamped “on”. Let’s wear rings again. These can be worn on the same finger, multiple fingers. Have fun with this one.

Fifth, and probably my most favorites, are fedoras. Fedoras of all kinds - wide-brimmed, short-brimmed, cowgirl style - they are the perfect accessory for this season. For an added touch, add a leather or beaded band. These little changes can make the look more versatile and original, as well.