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How Can I Keep these Kids Clothed?

Children go through clothes almost faster than time travels. They physically cannot help it. If you have any of these beautiful people around, it doesn't take long before the realization of their expensiveness incurs. Unfortunately, clothing happens to be one of those things needed, whether desired or not. This is especially true for children. So, what do you we do when our efforts toward sustainability back up against our desire to clothe these ever-growing children?

Sustainable shopping for kids works a number of ways. As mentioned in prior blogs, thrift or consignment boutique shopping makes both an economical and superb option, especially when frequency and dollar concerned. It creates a space to shop for things affordably no matter the growth cycle. Although I adore this option, it lacks in areas of consistency concerning size and options. For these reasons, its important to look into the designers and companies that truly are and have been paving the sustainable way in children's clothing.

Hanna Andersson, hands-down, must be a favorite when it comes to children's sustainable clothing companies. Not only are they from one of my all time favorite places in the world - Portland, OR, but they also encompass all the things, the infamous hashtags (#fairtrade, #sustainability, #renewabletextiles, etc.), when we speak about sustainability. Not only do they have the materials in check, but also the admired practices.

Although price tags beg a second take, like many sustainable brands, they back that with full-point sustainability standards. Where material is concerned, 100% cotton (known to be better for the environment) lays the foundation to their design. Respectfully, they desire their clothing to be lasting - a kind of "hand-me-down" quality that is almost unheard of in children's clothing. This is especially true of the 'fast fashion' world. In practice, they align with businesses who align with their practices - safe working conditions, quality, price and innovation.

Clothing children elicits a constant activity as they grow, and thankfully can now be done within the eyes of sustainability. With both thrift and high-end businesses being options, excuses to shop via the sustainability lens should be nil to none. On top of which, Hanna Andersson remains to be one of many designers/businesses that are turning towards these new practices. Meaning, options for sustainable children's shopping remain present, and growing.

For more on sustainable companies and practices - contact me.