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How to Minimize Your Waistline in a Whole New Way

As a stylist, one of the main things women ask me is how to minimize the waistline. It isn't as challenging as one may assume.

One of my favorite ways to minimize the waistline is through a simple accessory - the belt. The belt can be added or part of the original look. This is why belted trench coats and wrap dresses have been popularized over the years.

To make it more fun, choose a different material. For example, mixing a leather textile with cotton or wool creates texture, fashion and pure innovation.

Another option is presented through the way in which the belt is dressed. One example would be to tie it in a new, modern way. Another way would be to loop it over and through, rather than belting it. These subtle difference show off the fashion inside.

We, as women, are all made beautifully different and minimizing the waist is probably the easiest way to celebrate that beauty. It's easy. It works and doing it a bit differently celebrates our uniqueness.

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