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Liveable Me - What is it all about?

Fashion has always been in my blood. I used to tell people that I wasn't artistic until I realized it was in the clothing and looks that I put together that demonstrated my artistic abilities. Everything from finding that perfect accessory, to stepping into those favorite stilettos, to complete a look is like magic to me.

As a former fashion designer and stylist, eco-friendly products have always been important to me. After leaving the biz for a bit, I fell away from high-ideals in exchange for more inexpensive options (AKA - fast fashion). It wasn't until recently that I rediscovered the impact these purchases were making. 20% of climate change is due to "fast fashion". From the production of the textiles/fabrics, to the abused laborer, to the shipping costs - it all affects our world. This was a problem for me.

In the past, it was seriously a burden to find stylish eco-wear and I dreaded the thought of letting go of my stylish cravings. Those hats in the boutique windows call to me. Those cute dresses seem to know my name. For the first time in years, I went shopping and purchased nothing. That's right - my inner desire to support something bigger came to the forefront of my quick, "fast-fashion" purchases. I decided right then that I needed to find an answer to both style and sustainability.

After much research, I discovered a handful of beautiful brands that are actually doing it right! From textile to you - they care as much as I do about style and sustainability and that brings me to Liveable Me.

I know that I'm not the only one who cares about our world and am also not the only one who wants lasting, beautiful pieces in their closet. So, I decided to create Liveable Me - an online shop dedicated to carrying pieces that fall into the following categories: eco-friendly, socially ethical, made in the USA and most of which are women-owned.

Shopping these brands not only makes me feel good about the purchase, but also gives me the satisfaction of continuing to be the stylish gal that I am. I hope you find as much joy in shopping these looks as I did!