Minimalism Doesn't Equate to Minimal Style

(Click on photo for a Minimalism fashion show!!)

Minimalism comes with a pre-set of pictures and ideas. In the past, when we thought about minimalism and fashion, we immediately allowed our minds to go to drag and boring. We definitely weren't aspiring for these looks. In fact, avoidance and disgust came to mind, when thinking of this way of dressing.

Fast forward to 2021; minimalism has become not only front and center as a forward look within fashion, but it has also allowed for an important message to make its way through style. No longer is dressing merely wearing clothes, but an opportunity to demonstrate our values, choices and beliefs.

Of course our clothes have made statements for decades. In the 80's, our denim jackets and bright colored leg-warmers provided a sense of freedom within our style. The 90's provided the edge we then needed, represented in leather, balloon pants and silver jewelry. Style has always been subjective - a way to wear the art that we crave inside.

Although the 1980s and 1990s fashion trends reign in their own space, minimalism brings something refreshing to the table. Although the style, in and of itself, remains to be simplistic pieces - minimalism is so much more than that.

Minimalism represents a simpler way to live. It brings capsule closets and everyday basics back to life. It screams, "less is more" and "waste less". It joins the fashion ideals of early 20th century, where clothing was made to last so quality trumped quantity. It means less trend and more classic style. It means wearing a belief system.

Whether we embrace the earth tones and basic cuts of the minimalistic style, or the richer ideals behind the looks, minimalism is most definitely stylish. It has made its way to the fashion scene in a big, big way and we hope it's here to stay.




love one another. love the world. look cute.

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