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Spring Trending - 2021

I don't love every trend that comes out, but 2021 Spring trending is making me just a bit giddy! Style comes full frontal with long skirts, puffy sleeves and long-chained necklaces. And that is just the beginning!

When we shop LiveableMe, we are shopping lasting style, so we aren't going to jump on every trend. However, the ones we bring into the shop will be to-die-for and definitely a must-have for that stylish closet.

For instance, with long skirts being on trend, we'll hand select ones with character, that will outlast today's trends. Some of which may include pleats, capsule colors: burgundy, black, ivory, along with Midi and maxi lengths. Pictured above is a great example of what LiveableMe offers in lieu of trend. We adore the long skirt and when we shop it we are adding a classic pop of color to our capsule closet (If unsure of capsule closet - see following post).

With Puffy sleeves, which we are going gaga over, by the way, will be underplayed in a tasteful, yet completely stylish way. We love our brands, because they stand for sustainable and local style like us, but they also are great at creating timeless pieces, like the white, tiered-sleeve, pictured above.

Jewelry is more personal than anything else, at least from our stylish opinion. But, if we are going to talk jewelry trends, chain jewelry is on like "Donkey Kong" for 2021! Seen above is a beautiful drop-leaf necklace, which is what we would carry in our shop. You could also throw larger chains, of various lengths, to in to make it even trendier.

Everything pictured in our blog posts comes straight from designers that we love and either do or plan to carry in our shop. As mentioned, their value and style aligns with our own and are thankful to have found these beautiful designers so that you can be wearing their beautiful designs.

Like I said, these Spring 2021 trends are fun and fanciful, and just in case you're interested, we will be posting more trends on our facebook and instagram feed, so be sure to follow. Let's get excited for a brand new year with some great new looks!


Jenny W.


Sustainable, Stylish & Made Locally