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Stella McCartney Teaches us how to Love Back

If Stella McCartney is known for anything, it's fashion and environmental awareness. Through these passions, she brings a sort of unnamed beauty into all things pro-earth. And now, those talents are being paired with one of the most popular athletic brands in the world - Adidas.

Adidas is most definitely a household, especially in the Wiglesworth family. My son decided early on that he was an Adidas boy and most days dresses head-to-toe in "three-striped" apparel.

When researched under the environmental and social good microscope, they score upwards of 70%. This means they are actively creating change when it comes to using less plastic, fair trade practices and so much more.

If loving and preserving this beautiful planet we live in and on is important, Adidas gets the approval of creating change and making a difference. Now, we can chart this company along with our renown Stella M., for being companies, within fashion and apparel, that care.


Jenny W.