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Sustainability and Expensive Taste

Updated: May 7, 2021

It's understandable, at first light, to see the sustainable option as being an expensive way to shop. Upon simply hearing the names Dior and Stella McCartney (known for sustainable design practices within the fashion industry), dollar signs seem to just multiply before our eyes. It's no surprise that high-end prices come with high-end designers, whether they are sustainable or not. Unfortunately, most of us straight simply cannot afford these looks. The great news is, whether we love shopping designer brands or not, it's not the only way to shop sustainably.

A favored way to shop sustainably on a budget is consignment. Now, consignment means so many things, depending on the experience we have had with it. However, for all intents and purposes It basically consists of repurposing clothes that have been used, bought or worn by a previous owner. The shop/business is basically 'upcycling' the clothes.

When thinking of consignment, many images come to mind. Racks of old, varied clothing may be pictured. Or, random shelves of not-so-trendy everything. Although this may have been the consignment of years back, things have changed! In fact, many shops today have become boutiques that specialize in high-end, designer labels only. Names like Kate Spade, Dior, Coach and and many more can be found in these shops. Gaining the looks without the large price tag can be had after all. On top of which, not only will the consignment boutique purchases support the idea of 'upcycling' clothing (repurposing used garments), but will also support the local economy (always a parallel to sustainable practice).

Shopping sustainable doesn't have to 'break the bank'. Now we can 'have the cake and eat it too' with consignment boutiques.

Check out the local area - I'm sure there will be many to choose from. And, if there isn't one locally - shop here at LiveableMe.



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