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Alpacas are More than Just Cute Animals

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

It was more than delightful to interview Sarah Mann, of The Sarah Anne, this week. Her insightfulness into and meticulous approach toward fashion, and it's multi-facets, sets her apart for sure, but in such a beautiful, humble and intriguing way.

Sarah began her fashion design career approximately five years ago. Admittingly, it has been a long road to get to where she is today, but only because of her passion surrounding the process. Asking the appropriate questions to the responsive people directed her down the path of pivot, to pivot, to discovery. She admits that taking the time to develop something beautiful is all part of the journey - one spent developing a product that she proudly stamps her name on.

Apart from her curiosity in the fashion world, as an entrepreneur she understands the importance of creating a product that actually fulfills an unmet need in society. Her garment, (aka: Shrug), does just that. She describes it as an accessory that keeps a person warm, while maintaining a fashionable look. It is functional, sustainable and versatile. On top of its everyday basic uses, it is also water-repellant and like-magic, regulates body heat, thanks to the wonderful animals the yarn comes from.

Unlike cashmere, that takes its yarn from goats, Sarah's garment comes from the illustrious, ever-so-curious animals known as the alpaca. At first glance, both animals appear to be similar in nature. However, the differences, both from an environmental and fashion perspective, are large. For more on this - listen to our podcast: TuneInTuesday: Season 1: Episode 4.

Sarah has overcome many obstacles in creating her garment, but through each and every one, she persevered. She created a garment that gives back from every angle possible. For a community of Peruvians, it provides economic stability. By using the alpaca, it sustainably gives back to the world. As far as fashion is concerned, it provides a beautiful accessory option that both keeps a person warm and entirely fashion-worthy.

It is a rare gem to find someone that contains the ethical awareness of both sustainability and fair trade, but Sarah has it in spades. For more on Sarah, and The Sarah Anne Designs, listen to the podcast.

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Jenny W.


Sustainable + Fair

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