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To Consign or Not to Consign

It wasn't long ago that consignment was the furthest thing to mind when it came to shopping fashionable looks. Thoughts of used, possibly odorous clothing, once inhabited by a stranger, were the disgusting images emanating in my mind. Hand-picking through random one-offs, stuffed together, in what was all too often a crowded little shop, never appealed to me. However, the more that I dove into shopping sustainably, the less I could look away from consignment being a huge part of this fashion experience.

Consignment shops provide a solution to sustainable fashion in a periphery of ways. For the traditional consumer, it provides a space to recycle current looks/fashions. (Most of these stemming from trend-focused pieces or a person's change in style/size.) And, for the sustainable shopper, it provides an ample amount of "new" items to now be shopped.

Although definitely creating sustainable solutions, I remained doubtful over the selections available in these shops. Habitually engrained with the traditional shopping experiences, I pondered over what these ever-changing shops could have to offer. Would my style have to suffer to be sustainable?

Years ago, shopping sustainable consignment pretty much meant going to thrift-stores like Goodwill. (Which, by the way, I have surprisingly found some great looks once I was open-minded to the idea of finding them there.) Thankfully, that no longer is the case. Today, large warehouse-like shops with rows of one-offs are not the only option. In fact, consignment surprisingly competes with the best of traditional, high-end boutiques.

Recently, I made it a mission to discover what is out there in terms of sustainable, higher-end consignment. Shockingly, I stumbled upon some amazing shops that not only gave me the sustainable goods I was seeking, but also the desirable shopping experience I've come to love. Clean lines, curated collections, monochromatically-hung pieces and much more was found in these shops. Two favorite, PNW shops I discovered are Beau-Monde Luxe and Azalea of Sandpoint. These both offer a luxurious feel, without the burden (both monetary and sustainably).

Although I would have once shied away from consignment, I now embrace it with full force. It provides an outlet to shop and be sustainable, all in one affordable experience. Happy consigning!