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Vintage Style is Making a Comeback

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

What exactly is Vintage? We hear a lot about vintage style and have most definitely seen the hipsters in our lives clinging to it (or maybe we are the hipsters). But, what exactly is vintage style?

Vintage speaks to antiquated design. Today's vintage style seems to pull from decades such as the 1960's and 70's, all the way back to biblical times. Depending on taste, vintage means many things.

The gems within vintage garments mostly reside within local antique, consignment and thrift stores. Antique stores will hold those treasures that, for the most part, older people wore when the looks were popularized and have since moved on, selling them or donating them. Consignment shops carry more popularized items, but when picked through, a one-of-a-kind find can be had. Thrift stores provide the most diversity of clothing and style - anything from a retired denim jacket to a sequin dress can be had.

Years ago, when cardigans were all the rage, I found a camel-colored, Ralph Lauren cardigan at an antique store. The style deemed classic, which is always a great sign for longevity. Besides that, it was only twelve dollars, so I thought it was worth the purchase either way. I wore this cardigan for years before I finally sold it for credit at a local consignment boutique. That's what I call sustainable fashion!

For me, vintage means classic 70's boho chic. Now that's not everyone's go-to look and that works for vintage, because basically anything old can make the style happen.