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Winter Wonderland

When our Wardrobe gets all dressed up

One of my favorite times of the year is winter holiday. This season thrives on snowflakes, sparkles, dresses and parties. All I want to do is get all dressed up, with my favorite pair of stilletos, and attend amazing parties. Anticipating each one, I pick out individual looks, each one more glamorous than the next, all in the name of winter holiday.

Another endearing part of this time of year is the cozy. A warm, cup of coffee, a crackling fireplace, and snow falling outside the window, all encapsulate the ideal winter setting. What better way to experience this than in a robe, fun slippers and a favorite blanket.

Whether cozy or dressy, both styles work winter into wardrobe. Nothing speaks to winter fashion quite like holiday parties and cozy fireplaces. I love that they are opposite extremes, in terms of style, but equally appreciated within this most favored holiday season.

Happy Winter Dressing -


Jenny Wiglesworth


Sustainable + Fair

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