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Women Don't Come in One Size Fits All.

I have been a fashion stylist/wardrobe consultant for the past 18

years or so. One of the things that I do is give advice on what looks good on a women's body. This gets real tricky, because women have it in their minds that they are a certain size, despite their shape/body type. I blame the media.

What I love about styling women is the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes. I used to teach a course about body type. I won't go into detail, but basically it helped those engaged get a handle on what garments to look for that would accentuate their personal bodies. That's the key. Some of us have wider hips, others of us have larger breasts, but we all have beautiful bodies. We just need to learn to style them appropriately.

Fit is my middle name, in the styling world. A good fit can go a long way. It can take inches of your waist line, perk up your boobs and make your booty look just that much smaller. This is why I encourage my clients to try everything on. What looks good on the rack, looks good on the rack. You are a beautiful woman, created with curves and beauty that no rack or mannequin can compete with. But, in order to know which of those beautiful garments look good on your body, they need to fit. And, fit well.

Size really isn't about the number. It's about what accentuates your natural, given beauty. Ditch the numbers, try on the things and prepare to simply style yourself beautiful.

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Jenny W.